I am in my home ALONE.  Ahhhhh It feels so good!  I love my house.  It is quiet and immensely relaxing.  I clean a little, organize a little, meditate a little and just sit.  It feels so good to just sit!  I can stay on this couch for more than a few minutes without having to get up to help someone.  No one needs me right now.  I don't hear "I'm hungry" over and over.  I don't have to come up with creative and healthy snacks all day.   No one is having a meltdown that will lead me to heartache and frustration.  I can leave the door open for the dogs to go in and out as they please!  I can watch my favorite t.v. show or read a book without any interruptions or anyone asking me "Why are you watching that?" It feels good to just worry about myself right now.  The silence and space is golden. This is rejuvenating and soul nourishing.  This is recharging me so that I can approach those meltdowns and constant needs from my family with love and patience.  I will become a happier mom and wife from these moments of alone time in my home. Alone time is IMPORTANT!  I hope you take the time to nourish yourself this week and find that moment of alone time to recharge your soul and spread the happiness to all of your loved ones.