Coaching kids is different from coaching adults because of the rapid brain development that is constantly occurring in kids. Adults have a developed brain and have more life experience to draw upon in their exercises with me, while coaching kids requires a stronger teaching component. Kids also have a shorter attention span than adults, which is why coaching kids must involve an engaging curriculum like the one I use, called Adventures in Wisdom. Coaching kids helps build resilience, self-esteem, and self-confidence. It also helps kids develop their own "inner compass" in order to think for themselves and stand up to peer pressure. Through the coaching experience, kids will learn to live life with intention, purpose, and a vision for what they want in their lives.

When coaching kids, I use a combination of my own curriculum, Mindful Schools lessons, and Adventures in Wisdom. Adventures in Wisdom is a mindset training that uses stories and activities to engage kids. In my workshops and in one-on-one coaching sessions, kids learn how to handle the ups and downs of growing up without getting down on themselves, how to think for themselves and make good decisions, and how to go for their dreams and actually make them happen. Kids learn about the power of their conscious and subconscious mind and how their beliefs shape who they are and what they create in life.

I teach kids how to recognize and shift limiting beliefs, and they learn powerful tools such as positive self-talk and visualization, activities which research has shown can help create neural pathways for success. These are skills that some adults have not yet learned, but that are guaranteed to help in every aspect of life, so I work to give kids a head-start in this kind of personal development that will be crucial to their fulfillment later on. Through my coaching and teaching, kids are empowered to be self-leaders in their lives in order to create happiness and success, regardless of their circumstances.

To learn more about the coaching program I follow in my work with children, please click here to visit the webpage for Adventures in Wisdom.

One-on-one sessions for kids are focused on learning the power of the mind through meditation, positive self-talk, gratitude, power shifting thoughts, affirmations, the law of attraction and more.  A 6-session package will be personalized and tailored to fit the child's specific needs. The sessions can take place at your home or at a neutral meeting space such as a park or library.



Sessions are 50 minutes in length and done in your home or at Lake Travis Library. The fee is $65 per session or $325 for 6 sessions. There is a small travel fee of $10-20 for appointments outside of the Lakeway/Bee Cave/Steiner area.


For your convenience, if you are unable to host home sessions and/or you’re outside of the Austin area, we can arrange for Skype sessions at a rate of $50 per 45 minute session or $35 per 30 minute session. A package of 6-30 minute sessions is $190

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