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My mission is to enlighten others to the valuable power held within and to teach others how to use that empowerment to live a life of joy, balance, and self-love. Teaching both children and adults how to focus on their strengths, increase their self-confidence, and attract their goals and dreams is a deep passion of mine. I teach these skills by using stories and fun activities. I also teach mindful and visual meditation techniques to help with emotional stability, improving attention, and connecting with intuition.

My focus in my coaching is to help children and women. As a teen and in my early 20s, I held a lot of anxiety and depression. I dealt with emotional pain from the death of many friends and from a deep absence of love for myself. My experiences as a teen and young adult have led me to feel a vital calling from my soul to empower kids with the information they need to get them through the tween and teen years with self-love and resiliency. Now, I am in my 40s and I have been through the life challenges of marriage, having a child, changing careers, anxiety/OCD, and divorce.  I truly believe that the Universe has led me through these challenges to help my soul grow so that I may help others that are going through similar challenges. One of my innermost passions is to help others release their limiting beliefs, discover their authentic selves, and shine their inner light upon the world!

When I am not teaching, I am hanging with my amazing 7-year-old daughter, reading, writing, meditating, or enjoying the sun outside with our dog, cat and tortoises. My perceptive and warmhearted daughter keeps me full of spirit and always wanting to deepen my learning experiences to become who I am meant to be.

I am always in training and striving to make improvements within myself in order to help others do the same. I love people, animals, trees, Asian food, laughing, and above all, connecting with people and learning about their personal journeys.

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