Working to empower wonderful mothers from all walks of life in one of my workshops.

Working to empower wonderful mothers from all walks of life in one of my workshops.


This program was created to help guide you to release old programming, discover your authentic and happy self, and shine your soul’s light upon the world! I bring a convergence of Spirituality and Science into these coaching sessions. Coaching sessions are created from a combination of teachings from my trainings in NLP, HeartMath, Reiki, meditation and from authors/teachers such as Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Joey Klein, Dr. Mike Dow, Alyssa Malehorn and more.

During our childhood and young adulthood, we are programmed by our parents, mentors, family members, friends, and society to have certain beliefs and therefore to live a certain way. As we grow older, we become aware that we are holding on to beliefs that are limiting us in living life as our authentic selves. We have the power to do anything our heart desires. This means we can release our limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs. When we reprogram our subconscious with empowering beliefs, we increase our confidence in living the life we choose.  

Research has shown that heart rate activity patterns have direct effects on cognitive and emotional function. Shifting the rhythms of the heart through meditation and similar coaching exercises can decrease stress and anxiety that can cause physical illness. When you take care of your mental health, you are caring for your physical health as well.


As we work together you will:

  • Learn about the brain, mind, heart, and soul and how they work together to create your beliefs and shape how you are currently living your life  

  • Discover your subconscious beliefs that are no longer serving you

  • Unravel and clear out those layers of old beliefs that are causing you fear and pain in your life through subconscious reprogramming (hypnosis)

  • Connect to your soul and discover the magic of listening to the guidance of your heart compass (your intuition)

  • Learn HeartMath techniques to help your heart and brain connect in order to manage stress and access intuition

  • Learn how to love yourself, create boundaries within your relationships, and begin the journey of creating a NEW YOU who is emotionally resilient, goes with the flow of life, and manifests your heart-centered dreams!



9-session Dream Beautiful Package: $585 (in-person sessions) / $550 (video chat sessions only)

This package includes my own developed curriculum along with HeartMath techniques.

What you get:

  • 50 minute sessions through video chat or in-person in Lakeway, TX or surrounding areas (in-person availability limited in Houston, TX)

  • Weekly homework (meditations, journal prompts, etc.)

  • Weekly support via email and text

4-session HeartMath Package:  $260 (in-person sessions) / $225 (video chat sessions only)

What you get:

  • Focuses on HeartMath’s Building Resiliency Program

  • HeartMath Workbook

    For more information on HeartMath, please click here!


If you would prefer to purchase sessions individually rather than in a package deal, the cost per session is $70 for 50 minutes and $60 for video chat sessions.

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