I always told myself to not be that mom that freaks out over spilled milk. It, literally, happened this morning. My precious two- year-old daughter does not always sleep well. She was up, on and off, throughout the night and then wakes up at her usual 5:45 am. It's hard being a tired mom. I think all moms are tired. It's hard being a mom no matter what the circumstances. At least, if you are trying to do the best you can do, it's hard. After a restless night and an early rising, I actually spilled some milk. As I grunt and whine, I hear my daughter say, "Are you okay mommy?" My heart melts and all frustration has left me. I smile and say, "Yes, I just spilled some milk. Thanks for asking." I think to myself that she probably thinks I'm always in a bad mood. I don't want her thinking that. I need to try harder at being aware and conscious in this life. I need to do this to make myself happy and to show my daughter how to be happy in life.  One day, bubbles will not make her smile and giggle so easily, but it doesn't have to be that way.   Once she realizes not everyone in this world will be nice to her, I hope she can realize it doesn't need to affect her happiness. I want to teach her to have inner peace and awareness. My journey into my own inner peace and self awareness is always in the process, but has really started to come to life since I had a child. Something about the experience started my awakening.  I work on being conscious and just Being with my child everyday, but it is a constant struggle.  I'm a parent trying to raise a conscious child as I, myself, try to live in the present moment. I'm letting go of my anxieties and frustrations starting now.