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Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

     When you have a dream and you receive a strong intuition to pursue that dream, you should listen and do not give up!  Do not let fear keep you in your comfort zone.  Sometimes fear can be just as strong as your intuition.  Take some time to meditate and become clear on what you are being guided to do.  Fear can mask who you are.  Courage is given to you when you need it and should not be ignored.  It is such an exhilarating feeling to let go of the fear and step out of your comfort zone.  

     If you fear people's reactions to your dream, don't tell them.   Let them see for themselves when you get there.  Some people can put more fear and doubt in your mind than you already have and that can be strong enough to stop you on your path to where your soul yearns to be. You, and only you, know what to do.  Stay strong in your beliefs.  If you let fear and doubt take over, then you will never feel the freedom of living your life for you. 

     Many of us change pathways throughout life.   It can be confusing when your dreams change on you.  You were lead to an amazing opportunity that you really wanted and felt lucky to have, but then you start getting messages that there is another place you need to be.    Another vision and desire is being spoken to you and there is something even better waiting for you!  The hurt, frustrations, and failures you have with each life event along your path are meant to help you grow and prepare you for your next step.   Eventually, the Divine will guide you to the perfect place, the perfect family and the perfect job for you.  Everything happens as it should.  Do not have any regrets.  Build on life lessons and be the amazing and perfect you!

     There have been many synchronicities that have lead me to where I am headed. I know that there is more than Dream Beautiful.  I feel this is leading me to something even grander. I am listening to my higher self and moving forward to what awaits me.  This gives me pure joy.   Join me on my journey as I reflect on my insights and inspirations from living this life in this moment.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

--Neal Donald Walsch