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IF-THEN Thinking: Waiting for happiness

Have you noticed yourself thinking that something "needs to happen" before you can be happy?  If you are in relationship, you might have thought, "If he could just clean up after himself, then I'd be happy" or "If I could just have someone clean my house, then I'll be happy."  How about this one, "when I have more money, I'll by happier."  Do any of these sound familiar?  This is called conditional or IF-THEN thinking.

Most of us have had some version of conditional thinking in our minds.  When we are stuck in this waiting period, we are not enjoying the present moment and this can cause depression and anxiety. When I catch myself thinking these IF-THEN thoughts, it is usually because I have neglected my gratitude journal or have not had alone time to recharge.  Gratitude for the present moment and for whatever the future may bring is the cure to conditional thinking.  Make gratitude a daily occurrence.  Write down what you are thankful for.  Voice your gratitude aloud to your family and friends.  Every time you feel gratitude, you are helping yourself attract more things to be grateful for and you are not sitting in that endless waiting room for your number to be called.

Don't postpone your happiness for some future moment that may never happen and if it does happen, it will change, because nothing stays the same.   Change is always going to happen.  Nothing is permanent. 

Take some time today to notice your thoughts.  What is occupying your mind?  Do you want those thoughts there?  You have the power to change them!