Last summer, when Millie was three years old,  we attempted swimming lessons.  The first one was traumatic.  I cried.  This was just your basic 8-week swimming lesson course.  She had a hard time.  The next lesson was canceled and then the pool had to be shut down for maintenance.  Millie got lucky and didn't have to go back.  This summer I signed her up for private swim lessons.  I wasn't aware how intense the lessons were going to be.  I guess I should have known when I found out the lessons were 10 minutes and only four days.  The first lesson was immensely painful for her and me and even Justin.  Justin almost pulled her out. We were not prepared for this intensity. She cried "Mommy" over and over.  It hurt me to not save her.   I have heard about these type of swim lessons, but I opted out of these kind because I didn't think Millie would do well with the intensity. Somehow I signed her up for the lessons I was avoiding.  I was avoiding them out of fear.  I fear watching her suffer.  I just realized that I fear something more-her falling in a pool and not being able to swim.  I have to continue these lessons for her safety.  She will gain so much confidence from this experience.  Update:  She is a swimming machine!  She wants to swim everyday.  Everyone in our family learned a valuable lesson from this.  Just because you are scared doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.  Our fear keeps us in our comfort zone too much.  I think Millie learned that its okay to be scared, but not okay to not try.