As young children we were given our subconscious beliefs through our experiences with our parents, friends, teachers, etc. This is an important part of everyone’s childhood. From these beliefs that were programmed into our subconscious comes our beliefs and behaviors. Do you find yourself attracting the same kind of people over and over? Do you keep getting stuck in the same kind of job? These are patterns that are playing out from your subconscious beliefs. Some examples of unwanted beliefs are “I am not deserving of a good man in my life.” or “I am always going to be fat.” or “I will never be a good mom.”

There are so many beliefs that we are holding in our subconscious that our affecting how we live every day!

Reprogramming our beliefs

As adults we are able to reprogram those beliefs that are affecting our lives in a negative way. This involves moving into a theta brain wave state and visualizing changes being made to your past. For example: If you had parents that always told you that the key to happiness is making money, and you don’t want that relationship with money anymore, you can get into a theta wave state and visualize your parents telling you and showing you something different. You can go back to your past and REWRITE it! It’s AMAZING! I know you are thinking “how could this happen?” Your brain and body do not know the difference between what you imagine and what you actually do in your outside reality. What you think about and imagine is what plays out in your reality, so get down and deep into your subconscious and plant some differnt seeds! This is what life is all about-becoming your authentic self with beliefs that you choose.

This is basically hypnosis…

Hypnosis is guided meditaiton where you are being guided to change a belief. Some people can go deep and quick and some people need consistent practice with it. This term “subconscious reprogramming” is used more often these days, because it explains what hypnosis does. YOU can do this YOURSELF! Yes, it helps to have someone, that is trained, to guide you, but I have found that when I create my own subconscious reprogramming meditations with the exact words, and visualizations I need, then I help myself get to where I want to be much faster.

Did I help clear up some confusion??

Would you like help in reprogramming your subconsious beliefs? Take control of your life! YOU are the director of your life and YOU can make anything happen that you truly desire.

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