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One of our greatest lessons in life is to learn to love ourselves for who we are and to shine that light of who we are onto the world.  When we start the journey of loving ourselves, we begin to uncover the best versions of us! Only through self-love can we truly love and give to others. It’s a journey that takes practice and commitment just like any other habit. 

 Researchers have discovered that the practice of self-love can bring about many benefits, such as greater life satisfaction, increased happiness, and greater resilience.

During this retreat you and your daughter will spend time learning how to create the habit of loving yourselves while developing a deeper bond with each other.  When your daughter observes you doing the work for yourself she will be inspired to do the same for herself!  This is a great gift for both of you!

During this retreat we will:

-celebrate our talents, strengths and lessons learned

-deepen the mother-daughter bond

-learn to accept our physical and emotional selves

-laugh together

-nurture our creative minds

-reflect and meditate

-move through yoga led by Hannah Williams

-foster our need for nature

-relax and have fun!


BellaVida Bed and Breakfast & Retreat Center in Wimberly, TX

  Early Bird Pricing: $510 per Mother/Daughter Pair

After November 30: $599 per Mother/Daughter Pair

Late Registration after Jan. 3: $660 per Mother/Daughter Pair

Pricing includes:

-2 nights and 3 days at BellaVida

-Retreat activities

-Friday dinner, all meals Saturday and Sunday breakfast

-daily snacks

There is an option to add on a third night on your own at a discounted price. Ask me for details!

Please email me for more information and to receive an invoice to save your spot.

mother daughter retreat marketing.jpeg